Why Is Sharon Stein The Right Choice?

  • Sales of approximately $300 million in the Desert Area.
  • Consistent top production in desert real estate sales.
  • Hundreds of successful transactions closed.
  • Full time experience in the real estate industry since 1996, with no litigation.
  • Extensive, in depth experience with the California Real Estate Purchase Agreement.
  • Professional, experienced team, which includes in-house lawyer, support staff, builders contractors and interior designers.
  • Consistently called upon by banks to provide valuations for property, specializing in high valued asset properties.
  • Member of Multiple Listing Service and California Desert Association of Realtors,
  • Member of National Association of Realtors, Certified Dispute Resolution Specialist, EPro Certified, Broker.





Our duties as your agents from listing to sale

Listing period:

  • Review title information through assessor. Verify accuracy with you.
  • Have plans available (if possible) for prospective buyers to review for furniture placement, etc.
  • Order plat map for retention in listing file.
  • Obtain current mortgage information, to check on possible assumption by buyer.
  • Discuss possible buyer financing alternatives and incentives.
  • Verify Homeowner Association fees.
  • Verify security system, codes, etc.
  • Prepare detailed list of property amenities and assess market impact.
  • Prepare detailed list of inventory if property is being offered furnished.
  • Compile list of completed repairs and maintenance items.
  • Take photos of property.
  • Enter listing in MLS, checking for accuracy, input from sellers.
  • Submit to website, make sure property is included in realtor.com.
  • Create brochure.
  • Create print and internet ads with seller’s input.
  • Coordinate showings with owners.
  • Prepare mailing and contact list.
  • Send out marketing cards via mail or email.
  • Discuss feedback obtained from other agents and prospective buyers.

Once property is in escrow:

  • Receive and review all offers to purchase submitted by buyers and/or their agents.
  • Evaluate offers and provide synopsis to sellers.
  • Discuss merits and weaknesses of each offer.
  • Contact buyer’s agent to review buyer’s qualifications and to discuss their offer.
  • Confirm that buyer is pre-qualified (if obtaining a loan) by contacting Loan Officer.
  • Negotiate all offers on seller’s behalf, setting time limit for loan approval and closing.
  • Prepare and convey any counters/offers, acceptance or amendments to buyer’s agent.
  • Make sure purchase agreement is signed properly and deliver to buyer’s agent.
  • Once contract is fully executed, open escrow and confirm receipt of deposit check.
  • Deliver executed contract to seller.
  • Change status in MLS to Contingent and then Pending.
  • Provide credit report information to seller if property will be seller financed.
  • Assist buyer with obtaining financing, if applicable and follow up as necessary.
  • Coordinate with lender to ensure they are in compliance with contingency removal dates and close dates.
  • Order termite inspection, if requested in contract. Arrange for any repairs if requested (Section 1).
  • Contact lender weekly (if obtaining loan) to ensure processing is on track.
  • Relay final approval of buyer’s loan application to seller.
  • Coordinate with buyer’s agent their home inspection. Provide access and check on progress.
  • Review home inspector’s report with seller along with the request for repair.
  • Prepare a response to the request for repair after discussion.
  • Provide access to appraiser if buyer’s are obtaining a loan. Provide comparable sales to appraiser when providing access. Follow up, and review with seller if necessary.
  • Have attorney review preliminary title report and have title co. remove items if needed.
  • Ensure that buyer’s agent has ordered the home warranty and natural hazard disclosure.

Closing preparations and duties:

  • Assist seller in completing escrow documents if requested.
  • Ensure that all documents needed from seller have been submitted to escrow, including loan payoff information.
  • Review preliminary settlement statement to ensure its accuracy.